Covid-19 Multicultural Community Grant Program

Program Overview

Sponsored by the Victorian Department of Health from November 2022 to February 2023, the COVID-19 Multicultural Community Grant Program enables eligible not-for-profit organisations to support priority groups, to protect themselves from COVID-19 by taking action to:
• Get vaccinated
• Wear a facemask
• Let fresh air in
• Stay home if unwell
• Get tested if unwell
• Get medicines if at risk


Our part in achieving program objectives

AfriAus iLEAC with our LUVPACKS partners has engaged with the multicultural community through:

  • Providing access to resources e.g. masks, RAT kits, physical venue for face-to-face activities, health experts for presentations, designing and creating posters for key messages which were also translated into different languages
  • Referrals for direct access to the target priority groups through Local Public Health Units
  • Providing Masks (15,000 single face masks to-date) to more than 300 households/families across Victoria
  • Distribution of RAT Kits (7,500 single RAT tests) to more than 300 households/families across Victoria
  • Promotion/Publicity of key activities and health updates- 8 Community Engagement forums (2 hybrid-via Zoom, 6 face-to-face during pop-up markets)
  • 10 podcast episodes and vodcasts


AfriAus iLEAC’s work

Adopting a Clearing House Modus Operandi, via partnership with previous and new organisations, and harnessing technology and a range of special experiences, expertise, and talent, AfriAus iLEAC contributes towards reducing the pressure on our hospitals and the health system. AfriAus iLEAC has scaled up its operation to not only extend its reach but also to timely reach the target groups and communities. Hence, has helped to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and influenza.

Digital and printed content are provided to support COVID-19 safe behaviours.


1. Engagement calls or texts

This provides information to targeted groups by AfriAus iLEAC and interested reps from LUVPACKS Partners and the GirlForce participants to support COVID-19 Safe Behaviors.

2. Implementation of various activities

 These are behaviors that have been promoted and advocated for through messages and other activities that engage the community on COVID-19 protection.

Digital and printed content are provided to support COVID-19 safe behaviours.

Messages highlight:

  • Mask Wearing: Which are of good quality (Government provides the kits) to protect from COVID & flu. Masks will be distributed to target cohorts.
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation ensuring a good flow of fresh air to COVID-19 safe environment mainly during gatherings indoors. Or else, go outside when gathering.
  • Isolation: When you feel unwell, isolate. Podcasts (audio), written/Printed, illustrated messages, and vodcasts – video clips (interviews, spoken word, music, role-playing) on benefits of isolation and consequences of ignoring isolation.
  • COVID-19 Testing: Take a RAT if you have symptoms and take a PCR if you are high risk.
  • Treatment encouragement: Clear messages advise COVID-positive people and at risk that they may be eligible for anti-viral treatment – therefore, consult a GP (General Practitioner/Doctor) or a GP Respiratory Clinic as soon as possible.
  • Vaccination: To support and inform people through the podcast who are eligible for 3rd and 4th doses.

These target different age groups, providing them with updates on COVID-19 safe community engagement.

3. Other Engagement activities to support COVID-safe behaviours


  • Dissemination of COVIDSafe behaviour messages through:
    • Podcasts and Vodcasts Production: AfriAus iLEAC’s pioneering Our Voice Community Wellbeing Podcast’ channel featured the voice of Multicultural Victorians from diverse community backgrounds to ensure a collective responsibility in maintaining well-connected, educated, inspired, healthier, more resilient, and safer communities during adversity – COVID-19. Together we can go far.
    • Translated materials distributed as flyers at pop-up food markets
  • Distribution of masks at pop-up food markets
  • Distribution of RAT kits at pop-up food markets
  • Provision of community information sharing sessions/forums (Face-to-face and online)

Methods of delivery

  • Staying at home messages
  • Video clips (Vodcasts) (30 seconds to 3/5 minutes videos)
  • Translations
  • Poems
  • Demonstration of how to do a RAT test at home and how to wear a mask correctly

Activities for communities with specific communication needs, are targeted with:

  • Easy Read English
  • Audio texts
  • Audio visual texts
  • Q & A
  • Podcast & vodcast presentation of COVID-19 updates, Interviews & Talk shows

Capacity building activities  to improve the capacity of our member organisations or affiliates included:

  • Making welfare check in calls
  • Joint development/creation of the COVID safe behaviour messages
  • Podcast Production
  • Interpreting vs Translating vs Transliteration
  • Capacity building workshops with focus on: Working from home during isolation/lockdown, mental health well-being during lockdown/isolation and work-life balance with the new “norm”
  • COVID-19 updates & community engagement 

Priority groups

Activities funded through Program supports People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds – with a particular focus on the following language groups:

  • Arabic
  • Amharic
  • Mandarin
  • Samoan
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
    • Somali
    • Harari
    • Urdu
    • Xhosa
    • Shona
      • Chichewa (Malawi Nyanja)
      • Chitumbuka
      • Persian
      • Spanish
      • Kiswahili



        • Reduced spread of the virus
        • Contribute towards reduced death rate at state level
        •  Increased community health
        •  Increased individual’s productivity
        • Increased education and awareness of accurate COVID-19, health information.
        • Happy, engaged, willing to interact outdoors individuals during food pop-up markets
        •  Enhanced feeling of sense of belonging
        • Contribute towards the relief on hospitals and the health system as a whole – reduced pressure.
        • Reduced mental health issues that result from COVID-19 pandemic
        • Increased staff and partnership capacity building to increase performance
        • Changed attitude towards mask wearing in public and using RAT tests at home


        “Our Voice Community Wellbeing” Podcast Channel

        On our channel you will find:

        • Translated health alerts and updates in multiple languages
        • Talk-shows with different health experts on various health related subjects
        • Youth giving health updates- with inclusive communication using auslan (sign language)
        • Health updates and tips from health experts 


        Translated updates of COVID-19 & other health alerts

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